No TPP Death Sentence

Biologic medicines have extended the lives of women with breast cancer by years and have saved thousands of lives. Additional biologic medicines in the research pipeline offer hope to people with breast cancer and other cancers.


But large pharmaceutical companies are using the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal to push for long term monopolies on these medicines and make more money. They seek a delay of at least 8 years before allowing generics or biosimilars. That way they can charge up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for the medicines by denying less expensive alternatives that could save lives. 

We are calling this proposal the "death sentence clause" because it would sentence tens of thousands of people to unnecessary suffering and early death.  People living with cancer around the globe can’t wait 8 years for affordable medicines.


Twelve TPP country governments will meet in Atlanta September 26- October 2 to try to conclude the talks, and the monopoly periods for these biologic drugs will be one of just a handful of issues that will decide the fate of the TPP.

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Add your name to oppose the TPP death sentence clause. Your name will be read out by people in cancer treatment who will bring your voice to the TPP governments in Atlanta.

“I urge the Trade Ministers of the 12 countries negotiating the TPP to reject the “death sentence clause” that would extend the monopolies of pharmaceutical companies for biologic medicines.  This “death sentence clause” would delay biosimilars for up to 8 years or more and would thus keep these life-saving and life-extending drugs out of the hands of tens of thousands of people with cancer who will face unnecessary suffering and early death.